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Allaway’s network of service dealers covers the whole country

Device information for maintenance and service requests

Before contacting an authorised Allaway service dealer, you should write down the type [type] and serial number [N:o] of the central unit in your home, indicated on the name plate. You can find this information on the surface of the central unit or on the side of the turbine casing.

It is also important to make sure before contacting an Allaway service dealer that the system installed in your home is actually an Allaway system. You can recognise Allaway products from the Allaway logos.

If you wish, you can submit a service request form to the authorised Allaway service dealer along with the product. This ensures that your case is handled with sufficient background information and that the personnel can consider the individual needs of your system in the service. Fill in the PDF form on your computer and print it out, or print out the empty form and fill it in by hand. Note that you cannot save a filled form.


In case you live outside of Finland, contact our international retailers closest to you.


Write down the type [type] and serial number [N:o] of your central unit before visiting a service dealer.

Allaway retailers in Finland

Find the service dealer nearest to you (in Finland)

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