How does Allaway differ from a traditional vacuum cleaner?

The indoor air stays clean because the exhaust air is led outside of habitable spaces. Dust will not be left floating in the air after vacuuming. Cleaning is easy because you only need to handle the hose and the nozzle. The light hose easily moves over obstacles, and its reach from a single wall inlet is surprisingly long, often extending to every corner of the residence. Cleaning is pleasantly quiet because you will not hear any noise from the motor.

What is needed for installation?

A suitable central unit is selected based on where it will be placed. The pipes are packed in ready-made packages with one or two wall inlets. These packages include the parts necessary for installation, and parts are, of course, also available separately as necessary. It is easy for the seller to assist with the design if the customer can show them the floor plan. Having a design makes it easier for the customer to make decisions. In more complicated cases, you can also turn to Allaway’s factory for assistance with the design.

Can a central vacuum cleaner be installed at a site where one was not installed during the construction phase?

Allaway can be easily installed in an existing detached house, terraced house or a flat in a multi-storey building. The easiest method is to install the piping in the ceiling or, in multi-storey buildings, the intermediate floor. Vertical sections of the piping are installed inside partition walls or cupboards, for example. For a terraced house or a flat in a multi-storey building, you can choose the Duo. The Duo is also suitable for sites where exhaust air cannot be led outside. The installation process can usually be completed in a matter of a few hours. We recommend that you use the assistance of a trained installer in the installation. For more information and tips for buildings of different types, see the Allaway retrofitting handbook. The installation instructions are enough when the system is installed during the construction of a new building.

Which central unit is suitable for our site?

The quiet C series central unit and the Duo can be installed indoors, such as a utility room or cleaning cupboard. C series central units are splash-proof, which allows them to be placed even in a bathroom. A series central units are suitable for installation in warm storage spaces. The A 30 and A 40 are splash-proof, while the A 50 is drip-proof. With regard to the central unit’s power, the product range includes a suitable option for every site.

Allaway central units can be equipped with a dust bag. This is particularly beneficial for allergic persons when emptying the vacuum cleaner.

What accessories does Allaway offer?

Allaway’s range of products includes a sweep slot, expandable hose, preseparator, silencers, and nozzles suitable for different types of use. The expandable hose is equipped with a flexible hose that can be extended from one to four metres. It can be placed in rooms in which a small area needs to be frequently vacuumed, such as the hallway and kitchen. The preseparator is intended for vacuuming water, sand and coarse rubbish, among other things, and it can also be used for vacuuming fine dust when equipped with a dust bag.

Will the piping be blocked if I accidentally vacuum a larger object?

The patented catchers in the wall inlets stop any objects larger than the smallest LEGO brick, preventing them from entering the piping. The elbow coupling behind the wall inlet contains the sharpest bend in the entire system, stopping any knitting needles and other long objects. Actual dust travels smoothly inside the piping. Tests have shown Allaway pipes to have superior flow properties.

How much does an Allaway central vacuum cleaning system cost?

Examples of product prices are available on the Products page, but contact an Allaway local or international retailer to get a final offer. The high-quality and respected Allaway is an investment that increases the value of the residence. It is also an investment in living comfort and health. It will make everyday life easier for many years. Allaway is a purchase that customers are happy with.

Which central unit model works with an old Allaway system?
What kind of cleaning equipment can be used with old Allaway wall inlets?

Please refer to the guide:

Which vacuum sleeve is compatible with an old cover assembly?

You can also replace old wall inlets with new models in order to be able to use all the new cleaning equipment. For more information, please refer to the guide:

Parts needed for changing a cover assembly

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Replacing an old wooden wall inlet

Replacing an old Classic wall inlet

How do I identify the model of the handle-activated suction hose I am using?

Please refer to the guide:

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