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1.5-storey wooden house built in the 1980s

Asentaminen 80-luvun puutaloon

Central unit

Our example house had a spacious storage room, so we decided to install an A 30 central unit there. The mounting hook for the central unit was mounted on the wall at a height of approximately 120 cm.

Piping system

A hole was drilled for the dust pipe, leading from the attic space upstairs to the storage room downstairs. In the storage room, the pipe was installed to the vacuum cleaner as a surface installation, and the exhaust pipe was led outside through the outer wall. A silencer, purchased as an accessory, was installed in the exhaust pipe. Upstairs, a wall inlet was located next to the door to the attic. For the wall inlet downstairs, a dust pipe measuring approximately 3 metres in length was installed where the wall meets the floor in the attic, and from there a hole was drilled to the walk-in closet downstairs. The dust pipe was installed on the wall of the walk-in closet, and the end of the pipe was led to the wall inlet next to the door.

Wall inlets

In this example, both wall inlets were installed on the particle board partition wall so that the cover assembly of each wall inlet was mounted on the wall panel and connected to the piping system with a wall inlet extension. The dust pipe and the wall inlet’s elbow coupling were mounted on the other side of the wall. Because of thermal insulation, the attic wall upstairs was so thick that two extensions were needed in a row.


A 30 central unit, PPK 44 pipe kit, silencer for exhaust air, extension and cleaning equipment

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