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Two-storey terraced house built in the 1980s

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Central unit

A central vacuum cleaner can also be installed in a terraced house. In this two-storey terraced house from the 1980s, the vestibule was chosen as the location for a C 30 central unit. The central unit’s wall bracket was mounted above the shoe rack with surface installation mountings.

Piping system

The exhaust pipe was installed so that it led upwards from the central unit, continuing along the wall near the ceiling and going through the outer wall. The exhaust vent was located on the left side of the front door, under a rain shelter. A silencer for exhaust air was installed on the inside of the wall near the ceiling. For the dust pipe, a hole measuring 50 mm in diameter was drilled into the upper section of the vestibule’s partition wall. This hole led to the upper support structure of the set of cabinets in the entryway. The pipe to the wall inlet downstairs was installed inside the support structure of the set of cabinets, leading to the last cabinet in the row. Holes were drilled into the upper cabinet to lead the dust pipe to the lower cabinet. The wall inlet was installed on the wall of the living area, at a height of approximately 90 cm, leading through the partition wall.

In order to install the wall inlet upstairs, the bottom panel of the bedroom closet was removed to make a hole for the dust pipe in the hollow-core slab intermediate floor. The closet upstairs was directly above the row of cabinets downstairs, so the dust pipe was branched inside the upper support structure of the cabinets downstairs. Upstairs, the dust pipe was mounted on the inner wall of a cabinet inside the room, and a hole measuring 50 mm in diameter was drilled into the partition wall for the wall inlet, located at the same height as the light switch. The wall inlet was made with the help of an extension, and the cover assembly was mounted to the wall panel with plasterboard mountings.

Wall inlets

In this example, each wall inlet was installed in such a way that the dust pipe and the wall inlet’s elbow coupling were mounted behind the wall, while the wall inlet’s cover assembly was mounted to the wall panel on the front side of the wall. A piece of a suitable length was cut from the extension for the wall inlet. When mounting on a plasterboard wall, mountings intended for this purpose must be used. The mountings should be drilled into place before a hole measuring 50 mm in diameter is made for the wall inlet. This reduces the risk of the panel being chipped.


C 30 central unit and cleaning equipment, PPC 44 pipe kit, surface installation mountings for the wall bracket and silencer for exhaust air

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