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Detached house with a gable roof, built in the 1960s

60-luvun pientalo

Central unit

Our example house is a small house with a gable roof, built in the 1960s. The house did not have a separate storage space, so the central unit was installed in the habitable space. A suitable place was found in the cleaning cupboard in the entryway. The location made it sensible to choose a central unit from the quiet C series; the user’s final choice was C 30.

Piping system

The dust pipe was installed inside a cupboard. The dust pipe was first led downwards from the central unit’s wall bracket. After this, the pipe was bent at a 90° angle, and the end of the pipe was led to the wall inlet on the wall of the cupboard, at a height of approximately 70 cm. Holes measuring 50 mm in diameter were drilled for the exhaust pipe through the upper section of the cupboard and the ceiling structures. The exhaust pipe was installed in the ceiling, under 50 mm thick wool insulation. A silencer was also installed in the exhaust pipe in the ceiling. The exhaust pipe ended at the building’s gable, where the exhaust vent was also installed.

Wall inlets

The cupboard in which the central unit was installed was located roughly in the middle of the house. This meant that the house only needed one wall inlet, which was installed on the wall of the same cupboard where the central unit was located. A hole measuring 75 mm in diameter was drilled for the mounting bracket into the wall of the cupboard. The cover assembly of the wall inlet was screwed onto the mounting bracket from the outside.

Other considerations

Finally, ventilation holes were made in the cupboard according to the installation instructions. A strip measuring 30 mm was sawn off from the bottom shelf of the cupboard along the width of the doorway, and similar openings were also made above the central unit in the upper section of the cupboard. This allowed the air warmed by the central unit to ventilate out of the cupboard. Before the device was turned on, an electrician installed an electric outlet in the cupboard, equipped with a 10 A slow-blow fuse.


C 30 central unit, C-series wall bracket, surface installation mountings for the wall bracket, PPL 44 pipe kit, 4 pcs of 1.2 m dust pipes, silencer for exhaust air, exhaust vent and cleaning equipment

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