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Traditional wooden house built in the 1950s

50-luvun puutalo

Central unit

In this wooden house built in the 1950s, the warm cellar was chosen as the location for the central unit. The installation location was an unoccupied space classified as a storage area, so the affordable A 30 model was chosen as the central unit. The central unit was installed on the partition wall of the cellar, on the right side of the stairs, near an electrical outlet. This location also provided a short route for the exhaust pipe to be lead outside from the central unit.

Piping system

The panelled wall of the staircase was utilised in the placement of the piping system. On the first floor, two of the outermost panels were removed on the side of the stairs leading down to the cellar, and a space was sawn for the piping in the wall’s wooden frame. A hole was drilled into the wall on the first floor for a wall inlet. After the piping was installed, the wall panels were nailed back to cover the dust pipe. The cellar was built with cast concrete walls, which is why on this floor the dust pipes were installed as a surface installation. A hole was drilled into the outer wall for the vacuum cleaner’s exhaust pipe, and the exhaust vent was mounted into place from the outside to ensure a neat and functional whole. Upstairs, the end of the dust pipe reached the attic space between the outer wall and the habitable rooms, and from there the pipe was extended to the wall of the attic room. A hole was drilled for a wall inlet at a height of 90 cm. After installation, the pipe left in the cold space was thermally insulated with 50 mm thick wool insulation.



A 30 central unit, PPK 44 pipe kit, PPL 44 pipe kit, surface installation casing for a wall inlet, silencer for exhaust air and cleaning equipment

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