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Purchasing a vacuum cleaner for an existing building

In an existing building, it is easiest to install the vacuum cleaner’s piping in the ceiling or, in multi-storey buildings, the intermediate floor. The aim is to always place pipes leading to wall inlets inside partition walls. It is recommended that the piping leading from one wall inlet to another and from a wall inlet to the central unit be led through the ceiling or attic. In addition to wall structures, the dust piping can also be installed inside the support structures of fixed cabinets or inside cupboards. If you want to implement the wall inlets as a surface installation, use the white surface installation casing available as an accessory to finish the installation.

Examples of the installation of a central vacuum cleaner in buildings of different types.

Allaway has made it easier for consumers to choose by developing clear options.

A suitable central unit set is selected based on where it will be placed. The size of the central unit is chosen according to the length of the longest suction pipeline. The cleaning equipment is packed in separate packaging with either Premium or Standard equipment. The pipes are delivered as ready-made packages that include all parts and one or two wall inlets. All parts are also available separately as necessary. It is easy for the seller to assist if the customer can show them the floor plan of their house. Having a design will help the customer in making decisions.

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