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Central vacuum cleaner for a newly built building


Deciding the location of wall inlets

Pay attention to furnishings when deciding where to place the wall inlets, and ensure that the system covers all spaces that need to be cleaned. The suction hose is 8, 9, 10 or 12 metres in length, depending on the contents of the cleaning equipment set. When a central vacuum cleaner is placed in a newly built building, you should also note the use of accessories like a preseparator or an expandable hose in the design. The wall inlet can be installed near a fireplace for the preseparator. A wall inlet is needed for the expandable hose in the hallway/kitchen and next to the utility room, if there is one in the building.



keskuspölynimuri uuteen taloon


Installing the system in different wall structures

Wall inlets are easiest to install on partition walls that have a plate structure and a wood or metal frame. Wall inlets can also be installed on masonry and cast partition walls. Wall inlets are usually placed at the same height as light switches or near the floor at the same height as electric outlets. In the construction of new buildings, the piping can also be placed in a concrete cast or inside a block. In this case, the connections must be taped and the pipes attached so that they cannot move. The arrangement of the pipes in the pictures below is not functional, as the pictures are only intended to illustrate what the installation looks like in different wall structures.

See the Allaway central vacuum cleaning system design and installation manual




Installation steps

  1. Decide whether you want to design and install the system yourself or hire an expert.
  2. Design the system for your home.
  3. Install the dust piping system, low voltage wires and mounting brackets. Support the pipes well.
  4. Connect the starting circuits of the wall inlets and install the cover assemblies.
  5. Install the central unit.
  6. Check that the system works and that there are no leaks before closing the structures.
  7. Install the storage bracket(s) for the cleaning equipment.
  8. Save your designs in the house folder.
  9. Save the product labels and instructions in the house folder.

Design service free of charge!

Send your floor plan to the address info(at)
You will receive a design and a list of supplies, free of charge.

If you have any special requests for the design (such as a sweep slot for the kitchen, where you want your wall inlets to be placed, etc.), remember to mention these in your message, so that we can take your wishes into consideration in the design!

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