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Purchasing a central vacuum cleaner

Retailers that sell Allaway central vacuum cleaning systems HPAC stores and other hardware stores across Finland that offer a wide range of products.

Further  information on services in other countries, please contact the local importer

Design service free of charge!

Send your floor plan to the address info(at)
You will receive a design and a list of supplies, free of charge.

If you have any special requests for the design (such as a sweep slot for the kitchen, where you want your wall inlets to be placed, etc.), remember to mention these in your message, so that we can take your wishes into consideration in the design!

Where can I buy an Allaway central vacuum cleaner?

Click the link below and choose the locality nearest to you. Further  information on services in other countries, please contact the local importer. You will be shown the contact information of the retailers of Allaway products in the locality in question.

Many of our retailers also provide an installation service. If you are busy, get assistance from a professional!


Keep in mind! You can utilise the tax credit for household expenses when installing a central vacuum cleaner in an existing residence.

Allaway retailers

Allaway service dealers

Allaway international

Central vacuum cleaner for a newly built building

The choice of a suitable central vacuum cleaner is affected by the size and shape of the building as well as the number of stories. A one-storey building with a straightforward structure requires less wall inlets than an asymmetrical multi-storey building.

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Central vacuum cleaner for an existing building

In an existing building, a suitable central vacuum cleaner is chosen based on where it will be placed and the length of the longest suction pipeline. Allaway has prepared clear options that will make it easier for consumers to choose.

You can also read the following examples of the installation of a central vacuum cleaner in buildings of different types.

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