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Dreaming of a healthy
multi-storey building

Clean indoor air is one of the most important factors that affect the level of living comfort. Improve indoor air quality with an Allaway system. When exhaust air is not blown back into habitable spaces, it is easier to breathe in your home.

For clean indoor air

The impacts of indoor air are usually not noticed until something goes wrong. We want to take a preventive approach to indoor air quality. It is easier to breathe when exhaust air is not blown back into habitable spaces. By installing a central vacuum cleaner in a multi-storey building, you contribute greatly to the residents’ living comfort and improve the equipment of the property affordably. Central vacuum systems in multi-storey buildings are designed in accordance with the same principles as systems in detached houses. Multi-storey buildings use a shared exhaust air duct.

The installation can be carried out when the multi-storey building is being built or in connection with a renovation project.

Why choose Allaway?

  • Improves living comfort
  • Influences indoor air quality
  • Improves the property’s equipment affordably
  • Significantly improves living conditions

Read more in the guide for designers

Download the guide here (in finnish)

The versatile C series is also well-suited for multi-storey buildings

Allaway’s C series central units are used in multi-storey buildings. Allaway’s C series central units are fitted with a return valve as standard, which allows them to lead exhaust air into the shared exhaust air duct. C series central units have a steel shell, and their small size allows them to be placed in small spaces. C series central units can be placed anywhere inside a flat: for example in a cupboard or the bathroom, as they are also splash-proof.


Duo for sites where exhaust air cannot be led outside

The Duo is a small central vacuum cleaner that can be placed anywhere indoors, and it is suitable for residences where exhaust air cannot be led outside. In such cases, the Duo central vacuum cleaner is fitted with a HEPA filter, which filters the exhaust air in the device’s installation space, such as a cleaning cupboard. As a result, the air flow caused by the exhaust air does not spread the unvacuumed dust around the habitable spaces as traditional vacuum cleaners do; instead, the exhaust air stays inside the device’s installation space.

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