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Allaway central units in block of flats

Posted: 20.6.2017 13:56

The block of flats are located in Tampere Vuores area. The flats are planned by the architect office Ekman and the construction is made the company Visura Oy. The object consists of 2 blocks of flats, each having 2 stories and a deck access house. The apartments are of very high quality and they are fitted with Allaway central vacuum cleaning system. The flats consists of two room apartments of 38,5m² and of three room apartments of having 80m².

The central vacuum cleaning system has been taken into account in the planning phase and a common exhaust air duct has been considered. The exhaust air is conveyed from the apartment into the hallway and from there on to the common vertical exhaust air duct or to the common vertical exhaust air duct located in the apartments.


Every flat has a cleaners’ cupboard with C series central unit. The wall plate is either the C -series wall plate with flush installation or with surface installation. Each flat has on wall inlet in a very central location.

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