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CV central units

Older Allaway CV series central units with a steel shell are usually placed indoors. The central units are equipped with a fine filter. CV devices can be maintained at authorised Allaway service dealers.

If you would like to replace your CV central unit with a newer model, Allaway’s C series central units provide a suitable replacement. The new C series devices fit right onto a CV device’s wall bracket, so there is no need to change the bracket.

Allaway recommends a C series central units as a replacement for the older model.

Are you uncertain about your central unit’s model?

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Installation of a C series central unit

Replace an old central unit with easy and quick installation!

The C series central unit can be installed directly onto the wall bracket of a CV device, so there is no need to change the bracket. C series central units are delivered with new support arms that can be installed directly on an older wall bracket. See the installation and maintenance instructions for C series products.

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