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Installation of the Allaway Z and X series central units

Installing Allaway’s new central units is easy. A screwdriver and spirit level, and sometimes a pencil, are often all you need.

The Z and X series use the same wall bracket, so their installation is similar.

Watch the installation video 

1. Mark the place of the wall bracket

Mark the place of the wall bracket and, if necessary and depending on the wall material, drill starter holes.

Please note! Select the correct attachment method for the material. Stone, block and plasterboard walls require different kinds of screws and wall plugs.


2. Push the inlet and exhaust pipes onto the wall bracket.


3. Attach the wall bracket to the inlet and exhaust pipes and screw the bracket onto place.


4. Attach the low-voltage wire.

Attach the low-voltage wire to the connector and tighten the wires into place using screws. Ensure that the wires are properly attached.


5. Push the connector onto the wall bracket.

Install the connector onto the wall bracket by pushing it into place as shown in the picture. The connector clicks to place.

6. Install the wall bracket cover.

Install the wall bracket cover and ensure it is horizontal. Attach the cover into place using the supplied screws.

Please note! The cover must be fully horizontal to ensure the correct position of the central unit.

7. Lift the central unit into place.

Lift the central unit onto the wall bracket and push it into place. You will hear a clicking sound as the unit locks to the wall bracket. Then:

8. Connect the low-voltage wire to the wall bracket.
9. Connect the power cord to a wall socket.
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