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A healthy home

Allaway strives to improve your quality of life.

Everyday cleaning becomes easier, more comfortable and less time-consuming. The main focus of Allaway's operations is to improve indoor air quality and have a positive effect on people's health.

Allaway Oy

Founded in 1982, Allaway Oy is a Finnish company which manufactures Allaway central vacuum cleaning systems and Ufox air humidifiers. Its factory and offices are located in Jyväskylä, Central Finland. The Allaway central vacuum cleaning system has hundreds of thousands of users, and it is the most popular central vacuum cleaner brand in Europe.

Allaway offers high-quality products with a long service life for domestic use and for more demanding professional use. Allaway develops, manufactures, markets and sells high-quality central vacuum cleaning systems and air humidifiers.

The company follows and maintains a quality management system that is in line with the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. ISO 9001:2015 ensures our clients consistently receive high quality products and services. It covers all the operations and applies to all the levels in the organization.

By ISO 9001:2015 Allaway wants to provide products and services that meet the customer’s requirement, to increase the customer satisfaction, streamline our business processes and continuously improve them, to comply with internationally recognized quality standards what is often a requirement for customers and suppliers to do business with us.


Allaway has been granted the Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001. It secures a clean and healthy environment and optimal use of raw material, energy, water and promote the use and recycling of renewable natural resourced. The ISO 14001 covers not only the activities in the production but also the product development with the goal to produce reliable and long lasting products.

When our customers choose Allaway they know that the environmental impact has been minimized and the products you buy are manufactured using environmentally friendly technology.


Allaway Oy makes sure the packaging materials we use are utilized in accordance to EU directives, waste legislation, the Finnish Government's rulings and regulations. We are RINKI member.

International Allaway

Through its extensive network of importers, Allaway delivers central vacuum cleaners to Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Allaway's reputation as a reliable and high-quality system provider constantly opens doors to new market areas.

Ecological footprint

What we leave behind matters to us. That is why the focus of our quality thinking is on using materials that have the least environmental impact in our products.

Practice has shown that vacuum cleaning with a central vacuum cleaner often reduces the need for vacuum cleaning as the amount of dust is reduced. This also leads to a decrease in energy consumption.

The fact that it is not necessary to use dust bags in our central vacuum cleaners reduces the amount of waste in households. However, if you do want to use a dust bag, its large size means that it needs to be changed less often than dust bags in ordinary vacuum cleaners. When using a dust bag, the filter is changed only when necessary.

Product development and quality

One of the cornerstones in Allaway's operations is the company's own persistent product development. Allaway’s product development is carried out jointly by designers and industrial designers. The production of high-quality products is guaranteed by the elegant design and carefully refined technique and usability. All products go through a careful testing process before being placed on the market.

The Allaway testing process has two phases. In the first phase, products are tested by an independent, external testing organisation. The products that pass the process are granted approval as an indication of the products' safety and functionality. In the second phase, every product is tested once more by Allaway's own product development unit.

Allaway Oy
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