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Allaway central units

VACUUMING GOES WITH A SWING when you can do it while listening to your favourite music or talking on the phone with your friend. The only noise Allaway central vacuum cleaners make is the soft sound of air whizzing through the nozzle. The noise made by the central unit's motor is restricted to the installation location, where it disturbs no one. Allaway's central units can be installed in a variety of locations, from heated storage spaces to mechanical rooms, cleaning cupboards and bathrooms.

C series

A central vacuum cleaner well-suited for small and medium-sized houses.

Thanks to their quietness and splash resistance, C series products are suitable for being installed indoors, for example in a cleaning cupboard or humid spaces. The lowest noise level on the market, only 57 dB. C series central units are well-suited for detached houses, terraced houses and flats in multi-storey buildings.

A steel structure and a large 13-litre dust canister; can be equipped with a dust bag or used without one.

A series

Installed in a mechanical room or semi-warm storage space, the efficient A series central units have a steel shell and a large 20-litre dust canister.

The fire-safe steel structure, durable technology and overload and overheat protection make our equipment long-lasting and durable.

V series

The V-series comprises three sleek V models for every installation situation. The V models are a combination of robust steel covers and modern design using plastic. The power and silence levels have been carefully considered and design in this series.

V-series can be installed in a heated (+5..+35c) service and utility room, storage room, or other utility room. All models can be retrofitted with a dust bag installation kit.

M 1000

The M 1000 is a central vacuum cleaner designed for heavy professional and semi-professional use as well as for large detached houses and villas in which the cleaned areas are large and the amount of usage hours is high. Thanks to its compact size, the
M 1000 is well suited for small installation spaces.

The M 1000 central unit is particularly suited for daycare centres, small sheltered housing facilities and nursing homes, offices and large detached houses.


Duo series

A small central vacuum cleaner for multi-storey buildings, terraced houses, holiday homes and motorhomes. The versatile Duo can be installed as a traditional central vacuum cleaner and also placed in a space from which exhaust air cannot be led outside. In this type of space, you would use Duo’s Aparto Kit installation kit.

The device is also suited for small spaces, as Duo can be installed either vertically or horizontally. You can install a wall inlet on the side of Duo.

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