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Everyone has the right to clean indoor air

The quality of the air that leaves your vacuum cleaner matters. Allaway believes that the best approach is to lead the exhaust air out of habitable spaces. That is why the best option for you is to choose a central vacuum cleaner. Choose clean indoor air.

With a central vacuum cleaner, the exhaust air and micro dust containing dust particles that are hazardous to your health are led outside via an exhaust pipe. This reduces the amount of allergens in the indoor air which cause respiratory symptoms and makes the air smell clean. You will also need to wipe away the dust less often, as vacuuming does not subject the room to a strong air flow that disperses the dust.

Cleaner indoor air – easier to breathe

In one day, the average human consumes approximately one litre of food, two litres of water and no less than 15,000 litres of air. There is therefore no question that the air you breathe has a great impact on your health. When you spend more than 90% of your time indoors, the importance of indoor air quality is emphasised.

According to studies, poor indoor air quality is one of the main factors contributing to the increase in allergies.

An Allaway central vacuum cleaner
is also quiet

The only noise that Allaway central vacuum cleaners make is the soft sound of air whizzing through the nozzle. The noise made by the central unit's motor is restricted to the installation location, where it disturbs no one.

When installed correctly, an Allaway dust piping system is blockage-free and needs no maintenance

Allaway dust piping can be assembled from ready-made parts. After the easy design process, the piping can be assembled easily by hand without any need for glue or special tools. Optimally dimensioned elbow pieces, smooth and durable inner pipe surfaces, optimal pipe diameter and tight connections ensure that the Allaway dust piping system has the best possible flowing qualities on the market. The catchers in the wall inlets prevent large objects from getting inside the piping and causing a blockage.

The piping system can be installed in houses of various ages and styles, utilising the ceiling, cupboards or stair structures, for example. Extending the piping system later on is just as easy and effortless.

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Advantages of the 44 mm -diameter piping

  • The inner surface of Allaway pipes is extremely smooth and durable.
  • Optimally dimensioned elbow pieces guarantee that rubbish and dust flow freely in the piping. All elbows are rounded and places that are exposed to wear are strengthened.
  • Tight seals guarantee that the pipes fit together seamlessly. There are several options for different types of installation projects.
  • The optimal pipe diameter, 44 mm, helps all rubbish flow effectively and guarantees the


With Allaway cleaning equipment, cleaning is easier, more comfortable and less time-consuming.

Special attention has been paid to the functionality, ergonomics and design of the cleaning equipment. The equipment must be of high quality, comfortable to use and aesthetically pleasing. Our Premium cleaning equipment set has been developed in collaboration with researchers at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

Allaway cleaning equipment

Allaway nozzles are carefully tested and picked to make cleaning even more affective. There are several things that we have improved to make cleaning easier; like quick release nozzle mechanism, good joints so that the nozzle would be easy and light to use. Also wheels underneath the nozzle help it move easier on different floor surfaces.


A durable and upgradeable system has a long service life

Finnish Allaway central vacuum cleaners are a reliable and durable choice which you can upgrade with various cleaning equipment and accessories. Allaway is also the only manufacturer of central vacuum cleaners with its own integrated system, consisting of a central unit, a piping system and cleaning equipment.


The long-lasting and durable Allaway systems have time to witness and experience the lives of many families.

Allaway keskuspölynimurit

Central units

Allaway provides central units for homes of various sizes and for different types of spaces. The C series is intended for indoor spaces, such as the cleaning cupboard or the bathroom. The A series, Combo and DV 30 are intended for warm storage spaces or mechanical rooms. The newest member of Allaway’s central vacuum cleaner family, the small Duo, is intended for multi-storey buildings, terraced houses and holiday homes in particular, and it can be placed almost anywhere indoors.

Read more about our central units here

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